Voice Teacher

I discovered my love for teaching voice years ago when a fellow performer (an extraordinary dancer) approached me for help. He had been called “tone deaf” and struggled with his fear of singing. In a short amount of time, I helped him hear and feel pitch, create greater resonance, and expand his range. He later enjoyed a long career singing and dancing in Broadway’s Wicked!

Most of my training was with Rita Shane, a dramatic coloratura soprano, best known for her long and successful run as “The Queen of the Night” in Mozart’s The Magic Flute at the Metropolitan Opera. Her classical technique focuses on strong breath support, effortless placement, and “letting” the voice find its true sound.  It keeps my voice free of strain and fatigue—and allows me to color my sound, when needed, safely and effectively to meet the demands of the many styles of musical theatre. This is the foundation of my teaching, and it helps my students who’ve struggled with vocal distress, awkward breaks, tension, or a general lack of confidence, sing with ease. I also enjoy teaching music theory and ear-training if needed since sight-singing and holding harmonies are necessary skills for professional singers. I help singers feel confident and technically free so they can focus on what it is they wish to express— and feel the joy of sharing their gifts.